Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Niles -Still A Community!

The top photo was taken from my car window two weeks ago; the lower photo shows a happy update! And check this out, Blogger is suddenly letting me place captions between photos! Way cool, now I can at least caption these stacked-up images!

I've written earlier about the fate of the Niles Post Office, subject to likely closure. I was not optimistic about the post office remaining open, as the Mission San Jose post office was also undergoing review and it had been announced weeks earlier they would remain in business. However, at a town meeting held at the Niles Elementary School on 4/21, the great news was announced--the Niles Post Office has been saved! I was not able to attend the meeting, but noticed that the "Save Our Post Office" sign had been happily updated. Also, I overheard one of the Bronco Billy waitresses (Bronco Billy pizza--makers of the best pizza in the world, bar none--is a local hangout on Niles Blvd.) saying she had gone to the meeting and could not believe it when they first announced all the reasons it should be closing but then finished with the decision to keep it open. It seems the 7000 letters sent in by Nilesians truly did save the post office! Yeah!

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